Fuel Your Mind

It seems as though new data on healthy eating and physical activity is released almost daily, often times contradicting previous recommendations, leaving us at a loss as to what to follow to live a so called “balanced lifestyle.”

Fuel your mind with hot topics you have frequently heard in the news or read from your favorite magazines/websites to gain a better understanding of what these topics are (or are not) suggesting as well as what they mean to you and your balanced life.


Food A-Z

This index provides you with useful information about hundreds of different foods. Discover the health benefits of your favorite foods as well as the exuberant amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they contain to fuel your body and the effects they may have on various illnesses. Use this alphabetized list to fuel your mind about … Continue reading Food A-Z

Nutrition Topics

MyPlate: Your Guide to the NEW Food Guide Pyramid Taste the Rainbow Spot the Added Sugars: Common Added Sugars Sneaking Into Your Diet Guide to the 13 Essential Vitamins Your Body with Rest Power Up Your Salad: A Step-By-Step Guide Add Flavor, Not Calories Healthy Baking Swaps 7 Delicious (and Healthy!) Recipes to Satisfy Your Pumpkin Obsession … Continue reading Nutrition Topics

Fitness Topics

5 Tips for Your Best Push-Up Pushing Through the Workout Wall – The FITT Model Your Body with Rest Double-Duty Dumbbell Moves Become a Morning Exerciser Are You an Active Couch Potato? Build Strength and Burn Calories – Reciprocal Superset Training

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