7 Delicious Recipes to Satisfy Your Pumpkin Obsession

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin beer, and yes, even pumpkin gum. No matter how mouthwatering or not (Pumpkin Spice Pringles, eww) the newest pumpkin products sound we can’t help but indulge in all forms the second we feel the first cool day of summer. The start of fall is no longer the official commencement of everything pumpkiny, spicy, or latte-ey. With Starbucks releasing it’s liquid version of crack on September 8th this year, we can’t help but gorge on our favorites no matter how far away our days of sweaters and boots are.

While most pumpkin-flavored treats are just that, pumpkin-flavored, and usually contain no trace of actual pumpkin at all, the low-calorie, rich and naturally sweet squash of goodness is actually a nutritional powerhouse when enjoyed in it’s truest form.

– It’s rich in Vitamin A which is known for promoting healthy eyes and skin

– It’s full of fiber which helps keep control your appetite and lower your cholesterol

– It’s packed with Vitamin C to help keep those stubborn colds away

– It’s loaded with potassium which is important for reducing blood pressure and increasing metabolism

Pumpkin recipes 2015

So no matter when your craving hits, be sure to carve (sorry, I had to) out some time this fall (and, err, summer) to delight your taste buds while fueling your figure.


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